The decals look amazing. I'm very happy with the mountains. Even better than that though is this companies customer service. They really are great people. 5/5 stars.

Jeffery Guerard, Etsy

Got the sticker in good condition, no issues after reading the instructions. Seemed like the O and the D were stuck but after reading the instructions I was able to apply the decal with ease.

Daniel Nugent, Facebook Marketplace

Excellent quality, applied to mirror with no problem. Loved them so much ordered some for my nephew.

"Sleisle1", Etsy

I am very impressed. Vinyls are great and sharp. Included great instructions and a plastic card to help install without bubbles. Thank you!

Alex Stranahan, Facebook Marketplace

First of all, excellent customer support. Second of all, the product is perfect. I love the texture of the wrap and it was so easy to put on my kindle.

Bree, Etsy